Sunday, January 22, 2006

Rags to Riches

Chapter 1
Its amazing how your life changes in only a matter of seconds. How the closet thing to your heart can be snatched from your hands. Its as if someone is tugging at your heart aiming to escape with your most prized possession. Someone you hold to your heart. In my case that would be my family. I value them rather than anything else. It was hard living with them, hell there were times when I wanted nothing to due with them. Through time I come to realize that their everything to me.
It hurts right to see my old neighbor hood, just like any other black family, I grew up in the ghetto. These streets were always cluttered with violence, filled up with ignorant people. Straight OG’s, that’s what they call them now. What’s makes me down grading these so called gangster ironic is growing up I use to be one.
Growing up I never had a pops, and my moms was never home to take care of me. Day in and day out she was on the streets hustling. Prostitution and selling drugs were her only options. She was a grammer school drop out which really doesn't leave that man job oppurtunitys without an education. She wasn’t really that older than me. She was a strong woman at heart but very weak. Times that I did see here around she was too busy getting slapped up by another man.
I couldn’t stand seing my moms like this, however I was to week to express how I felt. My moms gave birth to three kinds my little sister Destiny, my younger brother Derrick and of course my self. Since my moms was always out we constantly stayed over at our grandmothers house. Cherry was one of the meanest bitch you could ever meet. She treat us as if we were trash. In here eyes she felt that we didn’t belong.
Cherry was always pissed off at us because she claims that we were a mistake. Im the oldest child in the family and my mom give birth to me at the age of 14. So you could kinda say that I am a mistakes. What really pissed me off was that Cherry was abusive. She would yell and scream and constantly punish us. I really dodge most of her attacks because I was the olds plus I seemed to old for her to handle.
She was short and chubby she couldn’t do anything to hurt me. There were times that I wanted to snap and just kill her but I wasn’t the type, I didn’t have it in my heart. There were times when she beat Derrick to the point of death, then rush him to the hospital so he could heal for the next round of beatings. I’d say he felt it the worst. He was the baby anyway. I think that’s why she targeted him more than anyone else.
This is what drove me to the streets. I wanted to due something about this I need acceptance. What better way than to join a gang. All my friends from school was in it and it seemed type cool to chill with them. I had no other option but to give in to it.


At 4:14 AM, Blogger spcoon said...

keep on writing, b. i'm looking forward to the next chapter.


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